The Music ProgJect
The Music ProgJect
"The Music ProgJect" is a New-Old Post Progressive Rock Fusion Band, giving you a blend of melodic styles that are all brought together "At The Rock Face"
with the original Raw Material Drummer and "The Music ProgJect" Musical Director/Arranger Paul Young on Drums
with "The Music ProgJect" Lyricist CJ Sabre on Lead Vocals
with Matt Young of "Omarose" on Guitars
with Richard Smith of "The Fat Marrow Blues Band" (FMBB) on Harmonicas (Support Vocals on Enemy)
with Session Singer - Sarah Rutherford on Support Vocals
with the Lead Vocalist of "Intrvals", Ben Myatt, on Support Vocals
with Pavol Podhorec of "Lilac Moon Records", on Keyboards
and with "The Music ProgJect" Composer/Lyricist John Coates of "The Music ProgJect Studios" on Recording, Mixing and Mastering
Out With The New and In With The Old...
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The Music ProgJect has it's roots back in the late 60s and the early 70s, but not living on the back of previously recorded songs from that era, The Music ProgJect has a totally new and original set of songs, with influences from the Progressive Rock days that we loved, but with many crossovers into Blues, Jazz, Reggae, Ballad, Latin and even, dare we say it, Pop. All the songs being recorded from a live performance situation, with overdubs being added later. We have strived to capture the energy and rapport of musicians performing together simultaneously.

Obviously, like all musicians who are producing and promoting their own music, we can only hope that the understandably critical global music appreciation society of the world, will get our music and appreciate what we are trying to achieve and enjoy us and follow us. However, we are very aware that we may not be to everyone's taste and so we would like to thank every visitor to our site for auditioning us and to wish you every success in sourcing the music that you enjoy.

The Music ProgJect has been a long time in the making. Originally conceived towards the end of 2006, when the first lineup was formed with CJ Sabre - Vocals, Paul Young - Drums, Alex Lammin - Bass, Matt Young - Guitars and Dominic Murtagh - Keyboards, the first arrangements of the first album of songs were rehearsed and the first test recordings made in November of that year at Triggerfish Studios, with Julius Casimir engineering. These recordings served as a good guide to take the songs forward to the next stage, with the songs being performed by the Band in July 2007 at the Wye Fayre in Wye, Ashford, Kent, under a pseudonym, to test audience reaction and with excellent results. However, not long after this, Dominic, an accomplished Classical Pianist, was seconded abroad, firstly to teach in Bermuda, then Brazil, but he then went on to teach in China, but remains part of the rotation of musicians that the band now enjoys. Dominic was replaced by Pavol Podhorec, another superb Classical Pianist from Slovakia, who brought a new, creative element to the music. This resulted in some rearrangements of the songs and eventually, following successful rehearsals at Terminal Studios, in October 2008, they were taken into Unsigned Studios in St. Albans to be recorded, with Shane Shanahan engineering.

Mixing began in 2008, but with many adventures and misadventures, decisions, indecisions, members fulfilling other musical obligations and life in general having it's toll, there was a three year gap, before a focused return was made to the project at the end of 2011. However, early in 2012, Pavol, who has so many strings to his bow, decided to focus on his own musical objectives and with Matt's time also being absorbed by his roles in education, progress was stalled, while we went about rearranging the line up..

Around April 2012, Richard Smith of The Fat Marrow Blues Band, Harmonica Player extraordinaire, joined the lineup as a supplemental performer and also contributed with some Backing Vocals, as well as Ben Myatt, the highly praised Vocalist of Intrvals, (Formerly The Black Sand), contributing Backing Vocals too. Sarah Rutherford delivered another set of Backing Vocal alternatives post the Olympics/ParaOlympics, bringing more diverse options to the final mixdowns.
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Paul picked up sticks at around the age of 14 and did the usual youth club thing.

His late father was a pianist and played many of the pubs around London, so when he thought Paul was proficient enough he dragged him along and taught him more than you could ever imagine. Good times.

In the late sixties Paul joined a band that slowly morphed into a progressive rock band called "Raw Material".

"Raw Material" made two albums and four singles in the late sixties early seventies. They toured Europe and toured with Brian Auger's Oblivion Express and also played the Aachen (supporting Pink Floyd) and Wurzburg (supporting Joe Cocker) festivals in Germany.

The band split in the mid seventies and Paul joined an American Keys player, Tim Rice, in a band called "Blanch Carter And The Lounge Lizards" with Wendy Hoyle, sister of Linda Hoyle, on vocals, Rob Hutchinson on Bass and Chris Pigeon on keys, ex Joe Browns "Home Brew".

After that folded Paul played in various covers bands doing the odd residency, until he began collaborating with myself, (John Coates), to rearrange some of his early songs written in the 70s,80s and 90s.

Paul has sadly now burnt his sticks and retired from music performance, but in my opinion and that of so many others, he is and will always be one of the greatest rock drummers ever, but who never achieved the recognition he so thoroughly deserved.
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CJ Sabre was born on the West Coast of Wales and as he grew, so his interest in music grew too.

CJ has travelled the world seeking the next great musical experience and to meet likeminded people.

He eventually met John Coates, who introduced him to other great musicians, and "The Music ProgJect" was formed.

The results of this musical collaboration are plain to hear and have pleased CJ enormously.

With a love of Movie Soundtracks, CJ hopes to one day be involved in composing music for film, such as the like of his inspirations Mancini, Michel Le Grand and Vangelis.

Still retaining his huge passion for Rock, Latin and Jazz, CJ continues to work as a Session Singer/Songwriter on various projects, with his favourite and most passionate, still being the "The Music ProgJect".

CJ is now living back in North Wales where he is still singing his heart out and looking for his break.
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Matt has worked with "The Music ProgJect" since it's conception and he has been integral to all the developments of the songs and their arrangements, always bringing fresh ideas to the table that really worked.

He also writes and performs with "Omarose”, an originals band.

He is a graduate of Reading University and now a Head of Department, teaching drama to A level standard.
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Richard lived in Germany in the 50s, (the son of a serviceman), where his early music influences began with a Birthday Present of a Tremelo Tuned Harmonica which soon meant that Accordion style German Folk tunes were reverberating around the house.

Quite a few years on, Richard became an Engineer in the Royal Navy and in keeping with the Navy's Music Tradition, Music Groups abounded for the entertainment of all. Whenever there was an opportunity, Richard performed at gigs ashore, especially in South Africa, Australia, The Far East and the USA and this served as a sort of Music Apprenticeship for him.

In 1993, Richard was invited to become part of the formation of a Blues Band, which brought about new challenges for him, needing to master the 10-hole variant of the Harmonica and the American Blues style of playing. "The Fat Marrow Blues Band" celebrated it's 20th Anniversary in October 2013 and it has evolved into a tight 8 piece with brass.

Richard realised long ago, that the Harmonica was easily lost in the mix, because volume was restricted by feedback issues and he set about developing a special miniature Harmonica Microphone, which then led on to him creating the first Electric Harmonica and which has now evolved into the first Wireless Harmonica. Throughout the development, close help and support was always at hand from the likes of Mick Jagger, Paul Jones, Chris Rea and Ian Gillan, not to mention quality time in the studio with Stevie Wonder.

Richard has performed with Guy Leclare, Larry Hammond and Alan Youngblood in the Far East; the Storey Hendrit Big Blues Band, Custers Last Blues Band and The Fat Marrow Blues Band in the near West and at Blues sur Seine in Paris. He has featured on a number of Albums including, "A Dream", with Tony Cutler and "Moondogs", with Rod Argent and Derick Timms.

Richard worked with "The Music ProgJect" as a parallel project, further endorsing the potential of the Electric Harmonica to become a prominent mainstream instrument, alongside the Guitar. Richard plays Harmonix Electric Harmonicas and Harmonix-Electrified Seydel Harmonicas and he is endorsed by and uses Peavey Amplifiers.
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Sarah is a keen Flautist, but she soon discovered that her voice was her favourite instrument. Hailing originally from Lancashire, she first completed her practical musicianship before going to College.

In 2002 she was lucky enough to land a job as a Production Vocalist for two years, before then moving to London in 2004. Since then she has worked on numerous studio projects, as well as having many live performances under her belt. She has performed at many London venues, including the world famous Cafe de Paris!

Sarah became part of the The Music ProgJect family in 2012, but has now moved back up north to follow her career plan.
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It was with a heavy heart that Ben announced the end of "The Black Sand". However, do not be afraid... to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where they start from. Kind of.

And so it is with great excitement that they now unveil 'Intrvals', a brand new musical outfit that all 4 of "The Black Sand" are involved in. WATER, is the debut single from Intrvals, and if you search the 2013 productions out on iTunes ( and should you like them, then why not 'like' the FaceBook Page too at so they can continue their beautiful relationship together and share in many more musical adventures.

They've had a lot of fun with "The Black Sand", so they now look forward to warm salutations & how-do-you-dos over at the Intrvals page. You better go there!

Ben donated Backing Vocals to the "The Music ProgJect", to help us to inject some diversity to the listening experience and wow, what a great job he did for us.
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Pavol has been musically minded since the early stages of his life. After completion of his music grades in his hometown of Zilina, Pavol moved to England and continued his studies on a JAMES Accredited HND Course at East Surrey College, where he met myself, (John Coates), a Lecturer there at that time, who introduced him to the band "The Music ProgJect". Pavol then went on to graduate with a BA Honours Degree in Commercial Music at The University of Westminster, another JAMES Accredited Establishment.

Pavol became a Music Entrepreneur, who has been actively involved in the development and advancement of several music projects with musicians from around the world and a few of his releases can be found on iTunes and Beatport. He launched his own Label called Lilac Moon Records, but he has now returned to Slovakia, to teach music to the new generation of up and coming musicians there.
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John left school at 16 and then left a highly paid apprenticeship to go on tour with a London based progressive rock band called "Raw Material". Paul, the Drummer of "Raw Material", is a member of "The Music ProgJect" and one of his greatest of friends.

He then spent time Roadying, Personal Roadying, Sound Engineering and being a Music Advisor with Rock, Soul and Jazz bands and these included Freddie Mac’s Extravaganza, Nucleus, Chris Spedding and John Foxx's Ultravox and went to College in Barking to study music with concert pianist Del Karew.

In 1972, torn between a tour and an ultimatum from his Girlfriend, he went on tour, returning to find her gone and wrote the song "What's There To Say", to vent his feelings.

In the 80s, on an outing to a Night Club in Stratford, (where the Olympic Stadium is now), with a group of much, much younger friends, John saw a young lady absolutely owning the dance floor. He was so impressed that he approached her to compliment her on her dancing and then it became much more than that, because he was so surprised to discover that she was completely deaf and from that revelation he wrote the song “Quiet Nights In Moonlights”, describing how she used the sound pressure and vibrations to guide her in her dancing.

Along came computers in the 80s, bringing the technology that would take his music forward. Along the way he worked with Rebecca Ramsden, Bernie, CJ Sabre and Amber. With CJ he formed a strong songwriting partnership. In the 90s, a great mentor, Graham Morgan, started him off teaching Music Technology and from teaching at Newham he was invited to Hackney, as well as to run the Asian Drugs Project in Stepney and then on to South Thames College where John was instrumental in helping it to become a CoVE for Music and the only College to achieve this for music in the UK. He also delivered Multimedia on a franchise to South Bank University, but he eventually ended up at the Reigate School of Art, Design and Media in 2007, where he felt he could make a difference and attained JAMES Accreditation and Approval there.

When John’s marriage failed in the early 90s; from his sadness, he wrote “Pride” and sent it to his wife to explain his feelings things through song.

John became a JAMES Executive Committee Member in 2008 until his retirement in in 2013 and brought an enhancement to it that helped it to evolve into it’s current, more relevant, industrially/educationally active profile.

John also went on a little journey with Richard Gibbens and Luke Westbury, attempting to launch a new Music/Media Company called WasNotMedia, but despite signing the aspiring Indie Band "The Wutars", it all sadly came to nothing.

John has now retired to the South Kent Coast and having built his new studio there, he is working with the new “New Romney Am Dram” group, to produce and engineer the music for their Stage Productions. Very Happy.
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Dom studied for his Bachelor of Music at the University of Edinburgh (1987-1991) under Edward Harper, Peter Nelson and Nigel Osborne. He studied piano with Alexandra Andrievsky, sang in the Edinburgh University Singers and played trombone in both the Edinburgh University Orchestra and the Edinburgh Renaissance Band.

In 1990 he had a work performed by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra in "A festival of Cultures". After that he taught piano in Edinburgh whilst doing his teacher training at the Moray House Institute (1992-1993). He then moved to Robert Clack School in Dagenham (1993-2007) where eventually he was to become Head of Music. Whilst there he met Paul Young, (The Music ProgJect’s Drummer) and joined Paul's covers band "Dead Ringers" on keys.

During this time he felt privileged to be asked to work with myself and the Band "The Music ProgJect" with whom he played keys with at the "Wye Fayre" Music Festival under the Band pseudonym "They Should Have Been".

In 2008 he moved to Bermuda where he became Head of Music at Saltus Grammar School. Island rules prevented him from any other musical employment there, but he played keys in a rock gig for charity. In 2011 he went to Sao Paulo in Brazil, where he was Director of Music at St Francis College.

Dom is now teaching Classical Music in China, (I believe in Beijing), where he is achieving the ultimate in job satisfaction.

Welcome to the “The Music ProgJect” Music WebSite - Turn your "Sound On" and the "Volume Up".

“The Music ProgJect” is all about musical excellence in the genres of Rock, Hard Rock, Progressive Rock, Pop Rock, but with crossovers into Jazz, Reggae, Latin, Ballad and even pure unadulterated Pop for TV, Advertising and Film.

The Band members are a dedicated, passionate, unwavering and uncompromising set of musicians, who've sacrificed everything for their music, without expectation of financial reward and often with consequences. Musicians who, in an alternative timeline, could be the names on everyone's lips.

Age and stature is irrelevant, in favour of musical prowess and so you will find that “The Music ProgJect” comprises of a very diverse group of people, who have trodden many a differing musical path, to eventually arrive on the “The Music ProgJect” doorstep and take up their deserved place within the “The Music ProgJect” family.